TECHNOCREATS is a venture envisioned by experts who have the experience of bringing about revolution in education. Eminent Academicians and Technologists have collaborated in this novel initiative that will lend a new dimension to education and change the face of learning altogether. The present education system runs on conventional set up and produces more of mid skilled workers whereas present job market requires individuals with higher order skills. The time demands restructuring and reengineering of education where programs and classrooms can reach the masses.

To make this concept workable, Technocreats have launched Hybrid Learning Programmes (HLP’s), an innovative blend of Traditional Classroom, Flipped Teaching, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Interactive learning, Collaborative projects, Virtual Campus,Content Management System (CMS), Learning Analytics and Advanced Educational Technologies for providing Personalized Employable Smart Education to the students of developing nations. HLPs create a virtual campus that overcomes limitations of traditional, distance and E-learning and are planned keeping in view need of skill development and knowledge creation. Technocreats offers an open platform for Universities to collaborate and meet their National Aspirations and Developmental Goals. The objective is to transform developing nations into a knowledge economy by providing Employable, Affordable and Relevant Smart Education to all of its present and prospective work force.

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Large numbers of learners have access to smart education simultaneously anytime, anywhere.


The learning path is determined through Learning Analytics keeping in view individual contexts, needs and differences.

Interactive Learning

Students interact with their fellow students, content and instructors through discussion Forums and Group Projects.

Virtual Campus

The Virtual Campus comprises virtual societies of students with common interests for knowledge sharing.

Knowledge Commons

Knowledge commons are formed where participants explore, create and share information gained.

Knowledge Construction

HLPs encourage learners to participate in the construction of knowledge rather that it’s mere consumption.


Hybrid Learning Programmes

Avail Anywhere Anytime Education

Information Technology
Islamic University in Uganda

Bachelor of Information Technology

This course is designed for students who wish to study...

Session Starting : Aug,2017

Islamic University in Uganda

Master of Business Administration

  This unique program meets the growing need in the...

Session Starting : Aug,2017


Re-Structuring Higher Education System of Developing Nations for ushering a new era of employability and wealth creation.


To transform Developing Nations into knowledge economies by providing Employable, Affordable and Relevant Smart Education to all of its present and prospective work force.

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Happy Students

What Our Students Say About Technocreats.

I am excited to use technology to study. This will be a whole new experience for me and i am looking forward to it.


Catherine Kugonza Student

The prospect of studying my MBA online at my convenience is enticing. It will allow me to schedule my studies and business which is great for me.


Ali Abdulmalek Abdullhaj Saif Student

I am a social networking guru and the idea of meeting and studying with new people in virtual classrooms in groups is definitely my kind of thing.


Antonio Simao Muanza Student